A sabotage mission goes
very wrong...

The Protagonist: EX-1 is a new turn-based, tactical RPG which takes place in a brewing war between the planet Terra, and an invading synthetic race. When a massive space station suddenly appears high in orbit, the world learns of the urgent threat posed by the invading aliens. Terran’s first contact with an alien species has gone disastrously wrong. Now, plunged into a war for their world, the people of Terra mount their defense against the weaponized invaders.

The Terran government has devised a plan to infiltrate the orbiting station. An elite strike team led by Angel, a highly trained special agent with expertise in both the sciences and martial combat, is sent to neutralize the alien threat. Sent to lower the space station’s impenetrable defenses, Angel instead awakens in the infirmary of station’s lab. With no memory of how she arrived there, Angel must put her trust in an unfamiliar handler to guide her safely through the maze-like alien ship, locate the rest of her squad, and accomplish her mission. The only true fact she knows is this: They are the only chance Terra has against a hostile takeover.


  • M.A.C.S. or Martial Arts Combat System

    Customize your character’s close-combat abilities, experiment with and perfect their combat style.

  • Dynamic Dialogue System (D.D.S.)

    Make decisions which have consequences and can drastically change the reactions and responses from other characters. Pay attention to what you say or be in for a surprise!

  • Initiative and Action Points System (I.A.P.S.)

    Take full control over the actions your characters take on their turn.

  • Deep content

    Enjoy more than 7 playable characters, over 10 types of enemies, 19+ weapon types and much more!

  • Engaging stylistics

    Experience an isometric top-down view and hyper-realistic graphics.

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